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Yes, I know, when it comes to sleepwear,  loungewear, and underwear, I am a very lucky girl. Being part of a lingerie family, I definitely have better access to robes, sleepshirts, bras, panties, etc. than the average person. With reason, of course. That said, my husband, Ken, who works at Natori and heads e-commerce as one of his many responsibilities, gives me grief if I start placing too many orders.   So while I have access to amazing Natori products, I have to control myself.

The exception is clothes for the hospital. With this baby’s birth quickly approaching, I knew that I did not have to ask Ken for permission to get comfortable clothes, since I am pushing a baby — HIS baby — out.  If he gives me grief for this, we are going to have to have a little (aka big) conversation.

Yeah, yeah, yeah, I know it’s totally RIDICULOUS that I care what I look like in the hospital. But who wants to wear some gown that opens in the back that a bazillion other people have worn in the past? Mothers know what goes on in delivery rooms.  NARSTY!!! SO, like my birth with Cruzzie, it is very important that I have a hospital bag packed with only the best lounge wear items — stylish and comfortable.

These are the items that I ordered and have already packed away in my hospital bag for Little Baby Girl Natori!

Natori Affinity Cotton Mandarin Tunic

When I gave birth to Cruzzie, I had a similar Natori sleepshirt that I was obsessed with. It is long enough to walk around the hospital in by itself, and the buttons provide easy access for breastfeeding. Plus, something about the collar screams “put together” and shows that you are a little less disheveled than you actually are….

affinity sleep shirt

I absolutely love the bright color of this sleepshirt. Nothing better to brighten a hospital hallway with some cheery turquoise!

The sleepshirt is the perfect lightweight fabric and is 100% cotton. Comfortable to sit, lie, and walk around in, while looking sophisticated and upbeat.

Natori Shangri-La Robe

This robe is one of the best sellers at Natori, and has been for years. It is also my go-to present for mother’s and friends’s mothers. It is an all around winner — the solid jersey is lightweight and ultra-soft, making it a perfect topper when you are cold or a little embarrassed about the loungewear you are wearing underneath (but if you have all these Natori items for loungewear in the hospital you will NOT be embarrassed. Trust me)

Shangri-la robe

Extremely comfortable -- and the perfect weight for any weather.

This robe is perfect for the home, and is always a Natori best-seller.  Just a classic and perfect robe.

Josie Natori Destine Drape Gown Style S43001

So this item, I splurged on. But I couldn’t help it. Once I saw it, I knew that I wanted it — both for my hospital fashion show, as well as for loungewear at home. It screams AWESOME and WEARABLE and LUXURIOUS and FUN and PRINCESS, so I had to get it. There was no stopping me.


I mean, HOW beautiful is this gown? It is like a grecian ball gown, except made for lounging? Best idea ever.

I am super excited about throwing this on after giving birth to the little girl. Giving birth is no fun at all (or at least, for me, my one experience was far from fun), so being able to treat myself to some soft fabric that has a little special oomph, is great. And I know that this one nightgown will be worn more than just at the hospital. It is a special piece. For a special time!

Natori Feathers Girl Brief Style 756023

I like to have my pregnancy inflated badankadank protected and secure. So these panties have been all I have worn throughout the pregnancy. They are incredibly comfortable — and I actually love the granny panty look to them.

feather's front

Very retro-esque.

Feather's back

Sheer with lace. Hello booty!

The undies come in 6 different colors too — for different moods and bottoms!

So there you have it, the contents of my hospital bag! Everything is packed up and ready to go… the nerve-wracking part….but at least I know I will be comfortable AND cute in the maternity ward.

Have a great end of the week.

Anika Yael Natori, aka, The Josie Girl

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  1. I have been wearing different versions of the shangri-la gown for 8 years. It is a staple in my house and my go-to every night!

  2. I agree, lounge wear is a must. I had NO use for the one-size fits no one hospital gown! The panties are very pretty, but I must admit, no match for the stretchable mesh the hospital offers. 🙂

  3. Comfy and stylish for the arrival of baby Natori! Does grandmother Josie have anything designed for baby Natori’s arrival?? Would be spectacular!!

    • Um, I am not sure! But anything Lola designs is spectacular!

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