Fashion Star Recap Week 4

Week 4! 3 contestants down, 11 contestants standing, 10 episodes left. Without further ado, here are the Josie Girl’s top takeaways of this week’s edition of….

Theme:  Last week, I thought the “Summer Trend” theme for the designers was a little too broad and not limiting enough.  This week was a wee bit confusing. Designers were asked to create a “high end” and a “low end” look. Buyers had the option to buy one, or the other, or both.  It wasn’t entirely clear if the looks were supposed to be related or not, and judging by some of the designers tweets last night, it wasn’t entirely clear to the designers either.  A number of the designers mid-way through the process decided to switch the “high end” piece to “low end”, and vice versa. I am pretty sure that doesn’t happen at Natori.  In all honesty, a lot of the looks didn’t seem more one or the other.  Prediction: we will not be seeing this theme again!

Favorite Look 1: Luciana! Each episode, there have been a few designers whose looks and background do not get featured.  Somehowe, Luciana was one of the unlucky few in EACH of the first three shows, Luciana finally got some air-time… and a buy!

Her dress was simple and wearable.  I like the subtle sequin flair on the front.

Available at Saks!

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