O.A.R. Interview

For those of you who aren’t familiar, O.A.R. (Of a Revolution) is a rock band with a cult-like following.

The band originally formed in Rockville, Maryland, then grew in size and popularity at Ohio State University. O.A.R. developed their following playing shows around campus and then picked up steam through their live performances and word of mouth.  Performing for over 15 years together, the band has reached many incredible milestones including selling out Madison Square Garden three times, having their single “Shattered” certified Platinum by the RIAA, and selling close to 2 million albums.  Their most recent release, King, contains radio hits “Heaven” and “Gotta Be Wrong Sometimes”.  O.A.R. has a rock vibe, with a touch of ska, and is an overall amazing band.

So how did the Josie Girl land an interview?  Funny story.

Ken has been an O.A.R. junkie for the last couple of years, then finally went to his first concerts this year – in San Francisco in January (an 11 person strong group of Ken’s friends), and then in New York in March.  Their music is all over our computers and iPods.  One day, I was in Cruz’s crib (don’t ask), and our little monkey was having a blast dancing to our (and most people’s) favorite O.A.R. song- That Was a Crazy Game of Poker.  That led to the following video on Photo Booth (click on it to play it!)

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