Roberta’s Blanca

Back in November, I made reservations at a restaurant that I had heard a lot of buzz about. Roberta’s is a laid back pizza joint in Bushwick, Brookyln, home of the beloved hipsters.  In addition to the pizzeria, they also had a tasting menu that people raved about (it seated 4 people a night, and it was amazing… as you could guess, the waiting list was out of control).  Months went by with no response from them. Finally, in May, I received an email saying that the wait was over and we were now able to dine with them.  We scheduled the dinner for early June.


Our timing was perfect and lucky.  Between the time we put our names on the list and the time they called us, they opened a new expanded wing for their tasting menu, which now seats 12 in a separate, modern kitchen (technically a different restaurant called “Blanca“.)  It just opened a few weeks ago.  Moreover, three days before we ate there, the NY Times wrote an amazing article on them!


Our dinner turned out to be one of the most incredible culinary events of our life. Not cheap or fast, but incredible, memorable and worth it (it served as our 5th year wedding anniversary celebration). 27 courses of brilliant, creative, fresh, thoughtful, and not to mention delicious, food.  Here is our amazing experience!

Tiki Bar

Once you get to Roberta’s, you wait to be taken back to Blanca at the Tiki Bar. Just a hang out space outside that reminded me of the laid back west coast.


This is the gate that you enter to take you back to Blanca. Once you leave Roberta’s and enter Blanca, it is a much more chic, sophisticated and elegant atmosphere. Both are incredible, though.


Blanca seats 12 people at a counter top and you look out into the kitchen. Much of the experience is watching the chef and his assistants work and prepare the deliciousness.

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