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We just returned from our 4 day Thanksgiving Break to our besties in the bay area. We had the BEST time — came back with a very full stomach and extremely full heart. I laughed the entire 4 days (and ate the rest of the time) — all in all, the best time ever. One of my favorite parts was the Avital Food Tour — just the 8 of us on a guided food tour of the Mission District in San Francisco. We had a tour guide take us, by foot, to four different restaurants as a progressive meal. Each one was delicious and something I would have NEVER tried before.


California – I love you. West Coast – I love you.


We met our wonderful tour guide, Nikki, at the heart of the Mission District.


I always forget how beautiful SF is.

This Mercedes perfectly describes San Francisco to me — a mercedes, yes, but crazy and wacky.

First stop, a venezulan restaurant.

Each restaurant, you would be paired with a type of beverage. This one was incredible — some type of rice milk horchata tasting milkshake.

And the meat – UNREAL.

We then walked around and toured the different murals and learned so much about the area, and San Francisco in general.

A different mural full of history richness.

A Guamanian restaurant — who knew!!! Beyond delicious.

More mural tours.

This was NOT part of our tour — but how could we say no to this bakery with unbelievable pastries and goodies?

Peruvian — our least favorite of the four restaurants. This was a type of tamale. I actually really liked it.


And our fourth restaurant was Bao, for dessert.

But I loved looking inside at the windows where they were making dumplings.

The dessert baos. So cute right?

The end.


The whole experience was from 11 am until 230. Then we headed back to our friends, to have a 5 pm dinner…..to say we ate a lot is an understatement.  I highly HIGHLY recommend doing this tour and can’t wait to try a different tour from Avital — they have tours in NYC, too!

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