Chicago Marathon 2023 Recap

I know not all of you are runners, so this post might not be that interesting to you, but just for my own records, wanted to put it out there to the universe. Also — if you ever want to run a marathon — you should. I love it so much — it is a journey and a process — bot the training and the race itself. This past Sunday, not only did my son turn 14 (!!!) but I ran my 21st marathon at my favorite marathon, the Chicago Marathon. It was a great day — perfectly chilly weather and a happy outcome.


As always, I left on Saturday morning for Chicago, and went straight to the expo to pick up my bib. I hate expos — they are so nerve wracking and stressful, and I much prefer to not discuss my race with strangers…I was in and out as fast as I could be, and asked someone to take this photo. I always get a little sad when I am at expos alone — it is usually something you share with others, but alas, I traveled to the race alone and on this rare weekend, my friends that I normally stay with, weren’t there.

Thankfully, my friends let me stay in their gorgeous home, which I love dearly. I spent all Saturday resting (and freaking out and pysching myself out) and watching Taylor Swift reels and eating carbs. This is the photo of my sandwich (that I brought from NYC) on the balcony in the sun. It was a glorious day outside.

I could not figure out how to turn on the TV, and was thankful I brought my computer…although I could NOT focus on anything besides short reels on Instagram……Not sure if it was just my nerves or the fact that Insta is making my brain stupid and can only deal with blips of things here and there.

I made myself a depressing meal of pasta and broccoli, and went to bed early. Thankful for the incredible view and scenery.

First, I witnessed a gorgeous sunset (and this fun neon Asian statue).

I woke up very early to do my marathon morning routine — a la oatmeal, banana, coffee, and peanut butter. And then had time to kill — aka selfies in the bathroom.

FOR SOME REASON, this is the ONLY photo Chicago Marathon has of me running the race……not sure why I only have one…..usually there are dozens to the name. In any case, I did run, even if I only had one official picture.

It was a great day — and a world record was set on the course. Unbelievable. 2 hours! This guy is the next Kipchoge (my idol).

The marathon is hard. No matter how many times I run it, it never gets easier — it is always hard. This time around, I did my personal best of a 3:05, and although I am very happy (I shaved 1 minute off), I know that I can be even faster. I am just getting started on my speed. I had a strong start and a strong finish — but the middle part needs some working. This is my after marathon photo of me on the elevator up to the apartment. I walked home from the marathon — thankful to my husband, parents and BK for talking with me as I waddled home slowly….I was freezing and needed a distraction — and my legs were tired!



Left 30 minutes for the airport after I arrived back to the apartment, and landed that evening in NYC! Was nice to be home early! Now back to normal life! Thank you for letting me share my running journey with you all!

Anika Yael Natori, aka, The Josie Girl

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