Board Night

Inspired by a Tik-Tok trend, my daughter with her friends planned a “board night.” Basically, a fancy rebranding of a “potluck,’ The girls with their partners created “boards” with different themes — dessert, movie, candy, drinks, savory dip, sweet dip, and sushi. Then, they all came together to assemble the boards and have dinner together. It was a perfect way to celebrate the end of school — truly a great night.


Girls getting together and putting their boards together.

Tusia and her partner had the dessert board — different than the candy board and the movie board or the sweet dip board!

This basically meant that I was told to go to lots of different places to get all the necessary ingredients.

We had donuts, Levain cookies, cake pops, brownies, baked by melissa cupcakes.


The food.

The drinks.

One of the many “sweet’ dips.

The aftermath.


There was also mini sliders, chicken nuggets, and french fries OH AND CHEESE AND MEAT– no shortage of food!!!!! Happy weekend — and highly suggest a board night!

Anika Yael Natori, aka, The Josie Girl

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