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A new bakery in NYC has arrived and it is absolutely DELICIOUS. Thanks to a dear friend of Ken’s from boarding school, Newmie, she always sends me lists of everything new and cool that she loves in the city. And last week, she wrote to me that this new bakery, Michaeli Bakery, had opened up. Sure enough, after research, she was right — it was straight up my alley. It is an Israeli bakery, started by the first baker that was brought to NYC to open Breads Bakery. It specailizes in Jewish baked goods — ie burekas, rugalach, babka, challah, and more. It also has TWO locations — one on the UES (401 East 90th Street) and one on the LES (115A Division Street).


I decided to try four different cookies — and HOLY SMOKES they are amazing. Better than Levain, better than crumbl, they are truly the perfect size, density, sweetness and flavor.

I grew up in a Jewish household so love all things that remind me of home, like Halavah, and this is a chocolate halavah cookie, and so delicious.

Peanut butter chocolate. Good,

Caramel — so delicious.

We devoured all four in one evening. That good

Dangerously good.


You can order them on grubhub, seamless, etc…if you don’t want to go uptown / downtown. And if you don’t live in NYC, come to NYC and try these cookies. Worth it.

Anika Yael Natori, aka, The Josie Girl

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