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The weekend before Thanksgiving, I had a craving to go to dim sum in the city. After an extensive search online on what the best dim sum restaurant is, we ended up at Nom Wah Tea Parlor. It was everything that I had hoped for, and I highly suggest going (and waiting) for a great dim sum meal if in the city.


Down a car free street. It was a cold morning and despite it opening up at 11 am (and us getting there then), we still had to wait for 45 minutes. That said, it was worth it.

The line! But once we were in it for 15 minutes, I was committed and not giving up.

Freezing. We did jumping jacks and drills, but still it felt cold in the tunnel of cold air.

The line only grew longer with time.

Written up in every food magazine, website, and GOOP, it attracts tourists and locals alike. I loved the decor on the outside.

We were SO hungry.

Not exactly full of ambiance or character, but the food was the shining star.

Cruzzie loves pork buns more than anything else in life. They were BEYOND.

Fried rice and chinese broccoli. The greens were delicious.

Closer shot.

Definitely worth it, and fun to do on a cold morning when there is not much else to do (and a good field trip to get out of the apartment). Visit Nom Wah Tea Parlor!

Anika Yael Natori, aka, The Josie Girl

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