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I always claim that we are a Manhattan family that spends more time in Brooklyn. For whatever reason, there are so many different activities and adventures to go on there! Last Friday night, we went to the Brooklyn Drive In Movie Theater, Skyline Drive In, and I cannot wait to go back again! It was a super fun adventure for everyone in the family (although I am a rookie at the drive in game, and need to step it up next time with what I learned). Skyline Drive Inn is located right on the East River in Greenpoint with killer views of Manhattan (if it is not foggy….) and plays two different movies on two screens — one current film and one old school film that changes daily.


Skyline Drive In.

It was super foggy and misty the night we went. That didn’t stop us, but we can’t wait to go back when we can see two feet in front of us, or the Manhattan skyline.

You tune in to the radio on your car.

We were one of the few cars for the old school movie (A Star is Born). The current movie, Dr. Strange, was PACKED.

Buildings and the screen.

Next time, I am going to bring chairs for me to sit on. I sat in the front so that the kids could see in the back, and it did not work. Pets can come too, which makes the cuddling extra cozy and fun.

There is a snack bar with everything you can get in the movie theater — popcorn, candy, soda pop, etc….

The view part 1.

The view part 2.


The movies start at 8:45 pm (we didn’t stay the whole time and it is easy to leave when you want to). A great and different activity to do as a family! Bring blankets, comfy chairs, snacks, etc….

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