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If you happen to be in NYC any time between now and May 7th, I highly suggest that you visit the artist Jordan Nassar‘s work shown at the James Cohan Gallery. And even if you DON’T make it to the gallery, I recommend becoming familiar with Jordan Nassar! Jordan Nassar is a 37 year old native New Yorker (The Collegiate School graduate) and his artwork is mainly hand embroidery.


I did a solo trek down to James Cohan’s gallery on Walker street in TriBeCa. As someone who needlepoints and has a mother AND a daughter that both love to embroider, I appreciate looking at other people’s creation. And Jordan Nassar is unbelievable — his creativity and colors blew me away.

I could spend hours looking at each piece trying to figure out the composition and work.

The stitches.

Different stitches and colors that create an incredible full image.

I love this one!

Incredible craftsmanship!

Each one the more beautiful.

Rolling hills and expansive skies.



The wall.


Afterwards, I hopped on the subway and did my own amateur work, but totally inspired and happy!


I hope you have a great week — and do check out Jordan Nassar and his work!

Anika Yael Natori, aka, The Josie Girl

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