For those of you who know me well, I have been rollerskating for over 2.5 years and am absolutely head over heels in love with it. It changed my life — the challenge of learning something new, putting in hard work and seeing the improvement… not to mention the simple joy of doing something that I loved. Biweekly, I have lessons (even throughout the pandemic — over zoom and or in person), and they just make me so happy. Not only is it a form of exercise, but dancing, listening to music, ahhhhh, it is so great! All this to say, it is now funny to see how en vogue it is. NYTimes ran an article this past weekend, New Yorkers Are Crazy About Rollerskating (Again), as more and more rinks and skating get-togethers have emerged.


The day of my actual 40th birthday, just the four of us went to a rollerskating rink. Made me so happy!

Kids practice in the park. (Or they used to when they were not embarrassed by me).

Even on rainy days!

Around the neighborhood.

….in Florida.

…Nice backdrop!

On west coast. Everywhere I go, I bring my skates!


Long story short, I found a hobby that was not popular, cool, or trendy, and practiced and practiced and practiced. And so now, I love it that it is becoming mainstream and more cool and hopefully more people will get involved and join me! So pick up some skates, call me, and let’s go skating!!!! It will make you smile!

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