My parent’s house in Oregon has an alley on one side of the house (a great big cement wall) which is an eye sore — especially when there are no plants that hang down on it. So this summer, my dad asked if my niece, Alagna, who is a very talented artist (at the ripe age of 12) could draw a mural on the wall. Since YOLO and I thought it would be a fun project to do with all the cousins, I decided to help with it. It has been SO fun and a lot of work. And god bless my parents who had faith in us to create something fun and pretty!


The night before we started, we went to Home Depot to get the paint and primer. It took WAY longer than expected because someone actually mixes and makes the colors? WHO KNEW?????

We ended up getting 11 different colors, primer (and had to go back an get MORE primer) and some brushes. The woman helping us (not that friendly, but that is a whole different story) said we couldnt mix and mak our own colors — but turns out, you can!!! And yes, Tusia is in her pajamas — another different story.

it is a big wall. And apparently you have to prime the wall first. So we primed the wall for 24 hours and then got started on the real art.

All hands on deck.

We decided on a floral theme because who doesn’t love flowers? And bright colors? I think we all do!

Little flowers.

More help and discussion.

Mid work….

Getting closer to the end!


Although we had a lot of workers (the little kids), it was mainly me and Alagna who drew and took control over it. Although far from perfect, it makes me happy and I love how it brought the family together. We were all so excited and talked nonstop about it and what we wanted to do — creating something together that we will always have — love it.

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  1. Love everything about the wall but especially the water can/drain spout. And the bright colors, who wouldn’t be happy seeing the dancing flowers!

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