Planes, Trains, and Automobiles

Planes, trains and automobiles — or in Oregon, hikes, bikes, and more hikes! Although I have only been in Eugene for a handful of weeks (what month are we in? Where are we? Who am I?), we have done countless miles of hikes, dozens of bike rides, and even more hikes. With the kids not in any type of camp or activity, hiking and biking throughout Oregon is our daily plan. Sometimes, I think “what’s the difference between the first 4 waterfalls and do I really have to see 3 more?” and sometimes I love just looking at nature and being in awe of it’s rawness and organic beauty. I hope, in the end, all these nature adventures make my kids stronger  but, at some point they might revolt and start only liking fast food chains and hate exercise….Here are some pictures of our Oregonian beauty these last few weeks. And I am thankful for my father who has taken the role of camp director and guides us on all these adventures — without him, I would watch netflix all day.


Wildflowers on Mount June were absolutely INCREDIBLE. I want to go back and see more wildflowers.

You can’t tell, but I am on a ledge. Ate my lunch and then wanted to take a nap….blending in with the flowers and my tie dye.

A different hike — but loved the green huge mossy trees.

How the Proskurowski – Natori family rolls — on two tandems.

Silver Falls. Very dramatic. We did a 6 mile hike on the rim that showed us 7 waterfalls. The first four were very exciting….


A hike where I cried at my dad because it was never ending. YEP, still that kid.

A hike to the river.

Another hike to another river.


Another bike ride along the river.

Hike to the beach. YOU GET THE PICTURE?

Afterwards, the kids loved seeing how much they walked….


Now that Ken is gone and back in NYC, we will still hike and bike! I mean, I am not sure what else there is to do?? RUN AN ULTRAMARATHON? CHECK — that’s happening in 12 days! GULP! What else? Send suggestions my way! Happy week, happy hike, happy bike.

Anika Yael Natori, aka, The Josie Girl

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  1. I guess I’m into physically distancing myself, wearing a mask, and avoiding any unnecessary travel. So, there is no way I’d be participating in any ultra marathon, nor would I be flying across the country just to maintain an annual tradition. I think it’s irresponsible and bloggers need to step up to the plate and be good examples. You never seem to respond to comments, so my guess is you won’t respond to this one.

  2. I am sorry that I have not been responding to comments and didn’t see this one until now. I understand your perspective and realize everyone has their own way of dealing with this global pandemic. I, too, social distance and wear masks. I did travel across the country, but with masks and precautions, I felt that it was safe and doable. I also think it is important to know what is best for one’s own sanity and health, and being out west for the summer was crucial to us. In Oregon, I have zero contact with anyone and just hike and bike with my parents — truly social distancing and seeing no one.

  3. “I felt it was safe and doable”…..
    “being out West for the summer was crucial to us”
    Yael……..get a grip. You are only thinking of yourself. I only hope your friends and immediate family you visited will not get Covid 19. I live in Eugene and if I see you around, I’ll run far away.
    By the way, your claim to just see this comment yesterday is absolute B.S. As an influencer you should really consider setting an EXAMPLE for not only your fashion, travel, beauty, etc. recommendations but also STAY HOME AT BEAT THIS PANDEMIC.

  4. Agree with Kris. Suck it up; we aren’t vacationing this year because there is a pandemic. I don’t see clients this year because of a pandemic. Not doing “anything” except staying home, getting necessary groceries and hoping we can stop this mess. Now I have to decide to send my child to school or not but hey Sonoma and Oregon really were necessary I guess. I should have never came back to your blog after you made the “white trash” comment last year.

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