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Hands down, my favorite ice cream of all time is Coolhaus Banana Foster. Decadent, rich, creamy and oh so delicious — it tastes exactly like Banana Foster (my all time favorite dessert) but in ice cream form. Then I found out, *ALL* of the flavors Coolhaus makes are incredible, and that you can’t go wrong. Right now, I am especially fond of their ice cream sandwiches aka “sammies“. And believe it or not, they have dairy free sandwich options so vegans and lactose-intolerant people can still enjoy these scrumptious desserts.


You should see my freezer — I like to hoard ice cream. But we also eat a lot of it — 4 pints, 2 boxes of Ice Cream bars, and multiple sandwiches PER WEEK.

Awesome dessert, yes indeed!

Two cookies go a long way!

This one is dairy free and it tastes like REAL ICE CREAM.

Cutting these in to quarters make the perfect little dessert.


Each treat is handcrafted with hormone free, real California milk (if you choose the ones with dairy), cage free eggs, fairtrade chocolate and the freshest, most unique ingredients available. SO GOOD, so good, I tell you! You can find them in whole foods and other grocery stores (7500!) throughout the US. Run to the store and try them now, they are that good.

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  1. OMG these look delicious!! Good to know this is a reputable brand. Looks like I’ll risk the tummy ache to try them out #lactoseintollerant haha

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