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I realize that it is February and so we are already 1/12th of way through the year, and so you might not be interested in buying calendars, but I am here to tell you that my mom just sent me a calendar from The Brown Paper Movement, and it makes me SO happy that I had to share with you all. It is not too late!


Don’t judge my mess. It is unorganized and not very representative of my OCD organization, but regardless, I love the look of my little clipboard calendar. It is neutral and classy.

It is the perfect size and looks great on a desk or easy to carry around.

Doesn’t it scream retro? and classic?

The sheets of paper are made to be used twice. The front size is the calendar and the back side is to jot down notes / ideas / to dos, etc….


I love when things have multiple uses! To read more about these calendars (small batch) go here.

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