Nami Nori

If you live in NYC, you have to RUN right now to Nami Nori, the newest Japanese restaurant in the West Village. Only one month old, it was created by three ex-employees from Masa (whose tasting menu costs $595 per person!!!!). This new restaurant is casual elegant with accessible prices specializing in Temaki (hand rolls). Absolutely everything about this restaurant is perfection: the zen Japanese vibe, the appetizers, the temaki, the desserts, the staff, everything! So if you live in NYC, make a reservation and GO! And if you don’t live in NYC, it is an excuse to come in to the city and eat!


The appetizers: FRIES, spicy tuna on crispy rice, shishito peppers, and nori chips (oh my god, the best).

The nori chips. I want this as a snack everyday. They need to start selling these in bags!

Tuna poke.

And don’t forget they also have orange wine, which I was determined to try and it was great. Yes, I am probably biased because of the color (I love orange) but it was good too. But even if it wasn’t good, I would probably still be interested in drinking orange wine. Hello, aperol spritz remake!

“Avocado toast”

They are small — 2 to 3 bites per roll. I ordered four of them and I was stuffed beyond belief.

And they even have dessert ones, but instead of nori paper, they use waffles.

Beautiful. And delicious!


I can’t wait to go back! To read more about Nami Nori go here and here and here.

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  1. $595 tasting PER PERSON? Nami Nori will definitely have a longer run especially with dessert like that.

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