Mt. Washington / Tuckerman’s Ravine

This past weekend, Ken had the chance to climb Mt. Washington, the highest peak in the Northeast (not in Washington State like I first thought…..thank you #blonde).  The mountain is also known for its erratic weather, and had the world record for highest windspeed (231 mph) from 1933-1996.  Yikes!  Despite a dicey looking forecast earlier in the week, Ken and his group had terrific conditions, and a successful climb (and a great time).  Enjoy the pictures!


Minimal avalanche danger. Always a good thing….

Start of the hike. Gear.  Ken went in a group of 16, led by a friend of his who is a very experienced climber and has done this trip 16 years in a row.

First stop. Fueling up.  The start of the hike is about a 2 hour steady gradual ascent.

Beautiful sky. Ken likes to use dramatic filters.

Steep! Ice axe ready to help stop a downhill tumble. I personally love the contrast of the white snow and the neon orange hat (I can’t wait to steal this hat from Ken).

Hiking to the bottom of Tuckerman’s Ravine, the steepest stretch of the hike. Thank you, Jimmy Chin and Tommy Caldwell for inspiring everyone to climb mountains and make the impossible possible!


The slow push up Tuckerman’s and my favorite picture of the trip. Looks so much like Free Solo, but not. Kinda, sorta, maybe.


Top of Tuckerman’s. A whole lot of dudes and testosterone.

Halfway up the final push. Once again, neon hat = awesome.



Way to go, Ken! Despite me not liking the cold (or snow or wind during winter), I am inspired and want to do a climbing trip like this. Who is with me?

Anika Yael Natori, aka, The Josie Girl

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  1. Drove up that mountain a few years ago with my family. I couldn’t imagine climbing it. What a feat!

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