Dreamland Roller Rink

Last weekend, we went to a new roller skating rink in Brooklyn: Dreamland Roller Rink in Industry City. On the weekends, they have family skate times from 1-5pm (at night, they have adult only times) and it is unbelievably fun for the whole family. Even Ken put on roller skates for the first time EVER and skated around the rink. It is a great winter activity (when you need to stay inside) or even in the summer to do something different. I am excited to venture back to the rink and have more fun out there. It is crazy how fast the time flew by and how much exercise we all got!


The only three people in the whole place who brought their own roller skates

Ken on skates for the first time!!!! Thank you!!!

We had so much fun — and no, I did not do any of my rollerdance moves. I just went around in circles for hours on end — but it will still so much fun.

There was a birthday party there for 9 year old girls. We fit in perfectly.


If you are in the city and need something fun to do, then definitely check out Industry City for lots of food options (and the MC Escher exhibit we went to a couple weeks ago) and Dreamland Roller Rink! Have a great weekend!

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  1. Wow, that place looks like a lot of fun. I just read an article about it on Facebook and was debating giving a try. Looks like it just became a must-do.

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