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I discovered that it is the little things that make a big difference in my life. So when my mom gave me reusable silicone bags for Hannukah, I was thrilled. These fun, colorful, ever so practical, and healthy alternative to plastic food storage bags are a great addition to my kitchen. Not only do I feel like I am helping the environment (even in a very small way) but they are an extra pop of color in my day that makes me smile. Stasher bags come in all different sizes and colors and can be used for more than just food!


Functional, reusable, colorful!

Additionally, the bags can be used in a million different ways — you can store food in them and place it in the fridge, freezer, or even microwave, bake, and boil food in them (a la sous vide). It is a little bag that makes a big difference. To read more about the uses, go here. And they are also super easy to clean with just soap and water, or can be thrown in the dishwasher.


Not just for sandwiches! or trail mix! But also can be used for anything that needs to be transported!

Seal — so easy!


Definitely worth checking out and adding to your kitchen supplies — slowly but surely I want to eliminate all plastic ziplocs from my kitchen and replace them with stasher bags. You can also buy them on amazon, go here. Have a great weekend!

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  1. Ooo I didn’t know they made reusable bags like that! They look really good for taking snacks on a hike or when I packing a bag for a day out with the kids. I’m going to HAVE to get them.

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