Spring Break 2019 Part 2

Last week, we finished off spring break with good quality fun in Central Oregon with my parents. Generally when we are in Central Oregon, we go to Sunriver, but this time, we went to Black Butte Ranch. Beyond beautiful with spectacular views, we had a great time skiing, walking, lounging, watching movies, building puzzles, and being together. Enjoy this oversharing of family photos!


Family — the one shot that we got (minus Ken, who went back to NYC)!

Yes, Black Butte is THIS scenic and crazy beautiful.


There was one central walk that we would take inside Black Butte Ranch that took us to a wide open field with UNBELIEVABLE views of the whole Cascade Mountain Range — truly breath taking.

This should be their album cover.

Although it is officially Spring, the weather was a mixture of snow, rain, and sun. I guess typical spring weather in the mountain range.


We had a terrific lunch one day at the Bistro and even sat outside to enjoy the views and sunshine.

More walks.

Thanks to Nana and Tata for always hosting us ad being the best grandparents!


Now, it is back to school, work, responsibilities and city living…how great is vacation?

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