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Over Thanksgiving weekend, we had a slew of friends in and out of our apartment. Some were spontaneous get togethers, others were planned (Thanksgiving), but there was a lot of different people over at different points. Twice, we had people take random falls, including one that led to a trip to the hospital and stitches.  Given what happened, we decided we needed to clear some negative energy. Luckily, I always have a bundle of sage on hand (see old school post from 2015), and so that was easy to do. Unfortunately, sage gets rid of ALL energy — good and bad — and clears the space.  A friend from Los Angeles told me to get Palo Santo, a sacred wood, that clears that space but then BRINGS in positivity, creativity, and love. Thankfully, not only did Mary inform me about this ritual, but she also brought it over as a gift. Thanks to my west coast hippie friends for always knowing the exact right thing to do!


Just call me a shaman.

First, I smudged with sage. I am a fan of the smell of sage, but it is a very potent and strong aroma — not for everyone.

The smoke is heavy and I used it throughout the apartment. Sage is known to detoxify and cleanse a place or a person. It is also energizing, blessing, cleansing, and healing. And even if you don’t believe it 100%, there is something really nice about going through the motions to burn off negative energy and start anew. Faking it until you make it, right?

Palo Santo is known to uplift the energy and draw in positive energy. THANK YOU THANK YOU — I believe this.

It is a little harder to burn and have the smoke, but the smell is warmer and less harsh than that of sage. And if it brings more positivity and creativity — I will take any smell or smoke!

Not a cigarette.


To read more about palo santo, go here or here. I am just happy to now be in the know and I can’t wait to make it more of a ritual in my home — I think it is a good practice to have! And hopefully it will mean fewer falls, trips, or anything bad!

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