Phlur Annica Candle

You can’t have too many candles, perfumes, or chapsticks IMHO. I got this one as a surprise present (the best) and have fallen in love with it. This candle is Annica by Phlur (my real first name is Anika) so cheesey cute and fun, right??? And let me tell you, this candle looks and smells like airy fresh perfection.


It comes in a beautiful box.

The back of the box has the story of the company (love a good success story).

And look at the ceramic ball! It is so cool and practical and modern and smooth. (This is my son’s hand — so it is the size of an 8 year old’s dirty little grubby hands).

Looking good.

I liked the candle even before I smelled it!

And then when you smell it, it is so airy and perfect and fresh.

Fresh smell and glowing, gotta love it.


This cool ceramic orb candle is made without¬†parabens, phthalates, and animal products. Which just makes it even more cool — smells good, looks good, and is good! Win win win! Also, another winning bonus is the fact that after the candle is fully burned away, you can use the ceramic sphere as a desk organizer. Love a twofer. Anika loves the Annica.¬† Have a great long weekend!

Anika Yael Natori, aka, The Josie Girl

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