Grapefruit Beer

I haven’t drunk a beer since college when I would chug them, so I was pleasantly surprised to try a grapefruit beer and actually like it. Love it, to be honest. It is girlie, refreshing, and tastes like grapefruit soda with a hint of beer. So you lose a little edge but still hydrate — win win!


I have actually had two different kinds of grapefruit beer: from a can (as pictured) or from a bottle. Equally good and crisp!

And it is pink and orange and oh so fun!


Grapefruit Beer is made up of 40% beer and 60% fruit soda, making it a low alcohol drink (2.5% alcohol level). Great for someone who doesn’t want a fast buzz, or just wants something delicious to drink!


Kinda like Fanta, but not!


I bought a six pack of Schofferhofer from Fresh Direct and you can buy the Stiegl Radler from Whole Foods. I am excited to have it stocked in my fridge for Spring and Summer nights….if the weather improves!

Anika Yael Natori, aka, The Josie Girl

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  1. not fond of the taste of beer – but when in Sarasota, FL as a goof we purchased Narragansett beer …the beer from the Jaw’s movies …so we cld crush it like Quint…but since i don’t like beer i made a summer shandy…which came from mixing beer with a citrus juice …lemon or grapefruit…..

  2. Interesting..I may need to get the Steigl for Cindy. The regular one is our favorite beer from Salzburg.

  3. Definitely need to try this! I am not fond of beer unless it has a citrus or fruity base, like an Angry Orchard. This is a great recommendation!

  4. Interesting, I’ve never seen something similar here (Poland). Looks like a life saver during these warm days 🙂

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