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As I mentioned in Monday’s post about the Domino article, my favorite room in our apartment is actually our laundry room. Why? Because it is whimsical, unexpected, different, and light. It is definitely not your typical laundry room — and I always love marching to my own beat. At first, it was intended to be the way we enter the apartment (there is a backdoor entrance from the service elevator), but we continue to enter from the main door, and are totally fine with it.


Does this officially make me a housewife if the laundry room is my favorite?

This is a bench where we put a lot of bags / junk.  Under the bench, there are bins for shoes….problem is that we have a lot of shoe storage in the house, and we always lose the shoes we want….

Sexy washing machine and dryer.

I love this entrance so much, I have to post again.

Full view.


My favorite aspects of the room are the tiles (how could you not love them?) as well as the fun random wallpaper on a wall. I also love the college posters that cover up the electrical boxes. The room is spacious and easy to walk around which makes doing laundry less difficult. The room also stores our cleaning supplies, batteries, and randomness that a home always collects. Anyways, thanks for letting me share this favorite room! Hope you are having a great week.

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