Korean Skincare 101

One of my college classmates is obsessed with Korean skincare. Since her skin looks amazing, I thought we would all benefit from a 101 tutorial. Thank you, Bridget Humphrey!!!



If you want your skin to look amazing, bright, and blemish free, you should start using Korean skincare asap.  I stumbled upon this insight haphazardly. My friend mentioned how Korean skincare products are considered the best in the world. I was hesitant once I learned there were 10 steps involved with Korean skincare. But despite the hard labor involved, I thought I’d try it. (I desperately wanted my skin to be wrinkle free and bright.) And because the products are generally not expensive, I decided to be brave and take the plunge.


Once I started my skincare routine (years ago now), I never looked back. People started to notice the difference in how my skin looked, and I was hooked. I began loving and enjoying the 10 step process.


Here’s a quick and easy tutorial. KBeauty 101:



  • Step #1: Oil Cleanser
      • * You need this step to really loosen up the dirt and makeup on your face.
      • * I love the THE FACE SHOP Rice Water Cleansing Oil – $9, because rice is great for anti-aging (and this cleanser smells great)




  • Step #2: Foam Cleanser
      • * I know it sounds like overkill, but this step ensures your skin is super clean and ready to rock.
      • * I love THE FACE SHOP Rice Water Cleansing Foam – $8, again, because it has rice in it  (but any foam cleanser will work)



  • Step #3: Toner
    • * This step restores your skin’s pH balance.
    • * My favorite toner is SON & PARK Beauty Water – $20, because it restores pH, hydrates, and gently exfoliates with witch hazel






  • Step #4: Essence



  • Step #5: Ampoule




  • Step #6: Serums
    • * I love Laneige Perfect Renew Regenerator – $44, because it adds a ton of moisture and you’ll feel the intense moisturizing regenerator as soon as you apply it




    • * I also love to apply Vitamin C, since it helps fight aging & free radicals and is generally amazing for your skin



  • Step #7: Eye Cream





  • Step #8: Emulsion
    • * A great moisturizing step…though if I had to skip one step this would be the one  (shhhh…don’t tell)
    • * I like THE FACE SHOP Rice Emulsion – $10





  • #9 – Final Moisturizer
    • * “Lock the door” — it seals in everything you applied and locks it into your pore for safe keeping
    • * I like Iope Moistgen Cream Skin Hydration Cream (it’s rather pricey on Amazon, so I recommend purchasing it at a local Korean skincare store)



  • #10 – Sun Block





  • * AT NIGHT – Apply a sleeping pack




  • * Great masks to use once a week:


Feel free to send me questions or follow me on IG to learn about even more Korean skincare products. My IG is: @kbeautyobsessed.



Thanks so much, Bridget!  Amazing tips that I can’t wait to try out.

Anika Yael Natori, aka, The Josie Girl

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  1. Peach & Lily is my favorite Korean beauty brand! Although it is pretty pricey for my budget, it does wonders for my skin!

  2. Amazing – totally (re)-inspired to keep up the routine. It makes SUCH a difference!

  3. Such a great post! This gets me re-committed to the process because it makes SUCH a difference!

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