Punta Fuego, Philippines

Our holiday trip to the Philippines has been a mix of time spent in metro Manila where most of Ken’s family lives, and time spent out of Manila, which is more know for beautiful beaches, nature, and tourism.  (Fortunately, Typhoon Nina didn’t do as much damage to Manila as some had forecast).  Our first getaway was to gorgeous Punta Fuego, where we went with Ken’s 11 cousins (on his mom’s side of the family), 4 kids (including our two), and 2 of 3 spouses (including me).  Enjoy the pics!



Punta Fuego

Club Punta Fuego has an amazing infinity pool. Toosh enjoyed her lounge time.



Some of Ken’s cousins. Family swim!



Yep.  #Truth


Punta Fuego Golf Club

Ken’s cousin Anna’s husband Daryl is an amazing photographer. This is a shot of Ken’s cousin Carissa (the eldest of the lot. Ken is #2.)


Sunset dinner

One of the highlights of the trip: a sunset dinner from one of the higher points of Punta Fuego. Gorge.



Side view of our dinner



And the sun sets


Club Punta Fuego is a 2 to 4 hour drive from Manila depending on traffic (even though it’s only 45 miles!).  You need to be a member (or know a member) to stay there, but it is apparently relatively easy to set up.  A great getaway!


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  1. The sunset dinner looks beautiful.. Safe travels. I’m glad the typhoon didn’t hit Manila too badly, but it definitely looks like it did damage elsewhere.

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