Winter Grilling: Gruyere Burger with Breaded Portobello Mushroom

Final burger


Happy Super Bowl Friday!

The mostly warm weather this winter has given us more grilling opportunities than normal.  Here is Ken with a recipe you can try this weekend if you’re able to grill and looking for something sinful.


The Josie Girl is all about healthy recipes.  This is not healthy.  It’s also not really a “recipe” (there was lots of winging it, improvising, and playing things by ear – my wife and I are quite different).  But it was good.. enjoy!

The ingredients

The ingredients

* 1 1/4 lbs meat (enough for 1 adult and 2 kid burgers)- whatever fat content you want.  I don’t judge.

* Gruyere or Swiss cheese to top

* Packet of Lipton Onion Soup mix (our secret addition to any burger- great flavor)

* Portobello mushrooms (I just made one since the other two burgers were for the kids)

* One jalapeno pepper (only in daddy’s burger also)

* Worcestershire Sauce

* Bread crumbs

* Egg


Part 1: Making the burger





Add the meat, onion soup mix, and a healthy amount of Worcestershire sauce in a bowl.  If making all adult burgers, you can dice and add the jalapeno pepper in at this stage too.



Three burgers. One with jalapeno peppers. For other parents whose kids hate a) “green things”, b) “spicy”, you can trust that I didn’t lose track of the pepper burger.


Part 2: Prepping the Portobello mushroom


Make three stations.

1) The mushroom

2) A bowl with the egg, beaten

3) A plate with bread crumbs


Mushroom Stations



Soak the mushroom in the beaten egg.  It takes a while, and you have to work it a little to make sure the mushroom is appropriately covered.  Then roll the mushroom in the bread crumbs.  Once again, you’ll have to work it a bit to get the mushroom fully covered.  Some manual sprinkling/rubbing on the bottom side of the mushroom helps.


Breaded mushroom

Not too shabby


Part 3: The grilling:



My weapons


On high heat, melt some butter in a pan directly on the grill.



If a real chef, or a real griller (or a real chef griller) read this post, they would probably be up in arms about putting a pan on a grill. But it works for me


Cook the mushroom bottom down on medium-high heat, probably about 8-10 minutes.  The goal is to get the breaded outside nice and brown without burning it.  Then flip (after melting some more butter) and do the same to the other side.


Portobello mushroom

Final grilled portobello mushroom. I was happy with this.


Grill the burger (time it so both are finished at the same time).  I assume anyone interested in this post has some idea how to grill a burger.


Burger and Mushroom, about to be joined in holy matrimony

Burger and Mushroom, about to be joined in holy matrimony


Part 4: The plating


After melting gruyere on the burger, place the cheeseburger on the toasted bottom bun


Melted cheese

C minus for me on the cheese application

Screen Shot 2016-01-17 at 1.30.50 PM

Add lettuce. That makes it “healthy”. Obviously.


Mushroom top

Add mushroom. Wow.


The final product


Final burger

Inside view.


Yes, I ate this.  All of it.  And yes, I would be about 20 pounds heavier if it weren’t for The Josie Girl’s attention to our diet and workout routines.  Have a good weekend!



Thanks to The Josie Guy:

Here are some other grilling/cooking posts of his from the past.  Enjoy The Super Bowl!

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  1. Wow, Ken! This looks so good! Great Super Bowl recipe. I’m sure the Josie Girl’s salad was phenomenal, as well.

  2. No way I’ll be winter grilling in the snow today ha! I’m going to have to try this recipe sometime though. Ken and the Josie Girl should make a video cooking posts like “Tasty”. I’m sure you’d have a lot of people interested because this burger looks delicious!

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