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My kids hate having their hair washed. “Wash hair night” isn’t fun for any of us, as they scream and whine like little (grumpy) puppy dogs. So when my hairdresser recently suggested I purchase a natural leave-in-conditioner (no rinsing), I was happy to try it out. And what a success! Now instead of pouring water over their head TWO times (shampoo and conditioner), I only have to rinse their hair once.  Little Green not only smells good and conditions their hair, but it is natural and green, too. Amen.


Little Green

Their products: shampoo, lotion, detangler, and body balm.

Their products: shampoo, lotion, detangler, and body balm.




Cute and green.

Cute and green

The spout.

The spout

Big brother, Cruzzie, likes to spray the conditioner into Zoe's hair.

Big brother, Cruzzie, likes to spray the conditioner into Zoe’s hair


The kids (obviously) love spraying the mist into their hair but more importantly, it prevents knots AND conditions. To buy, go to their website or amazon. Your kids will LOVE it. Trust me — we have packed it up ready for the summer in Oregon — which we leave for tomorrow. 6 AM flight.  Awesome. Until Eugene, hasta luego!

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  1. you’re right! this is a great solution – works really well with my kids also! Have you tried using Quidad or Deva products for styling? they’re pretty clean(safe ingredients) and make for easy/curl styling, perfect for the summer.

  2. Can’t say I blame the kids, I still feel like shrieking when I have to do my hair.

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