3 Sweets

Happy New Year! Since in the Jewish tradition, you eat honey for the New Year, here are my new favorite sweets to celebrate a Sweet New Year!

3 sweets

3 sweets. All deliciously sweet and scrumptious.

Maple Syrup

This syrup comes from a Hudson Valley farm and is so pure and perfect, that you want to drink it in a cup. A cup of it. In a cup.

westwind orchard

The farm is most well known for its orchard (apples, etc) but also sells many beautiful products such as jams, chocolate jams, and syrups. They just started selling maple syrup this year in a limited production — so pick it up now on their website while it is still available.

maple syrup.

maple syrup.

Bee Raw Honey

I am a sucker for honey — especially the thick, golden kind that you can just scoop with a spoon (my heaven is peanut butter and honey in a spoon), and this honey OH MY MELTS IN YOUR MOUTH AND TAKES YOU BACK TO YOUR CHILDHOOD.

bee raw

This is honey as nature created it—raw, real, and from the single floral source in which bees place their hives. The bees gather nectar and create a honey that is the essence of that flower. That simple. And then they jar it, and sell it. We buy it and eat it. How beautifully simple and pure is that?


100% raw honey. Honey money.


TOP. It is like liquid gold.


Dip. If I could, I would bathe in it.

They offer 23 varieties to choose from. I know, who knew that there could be so many options for honey???  Available here.




Coconut Caramel

Hey Boo is a company based in San Francisco, with not just a kick ass name, but ridiculously amazing products. Hey Boo sells coconut jams and caramels that bring a different taste and flava to the American plate.

hey boo

You can smear the caramel sauce on ice cream *hello dessert* or on a piece of bread *hello breakfast* or just on your finger *hello snack*.

hey boo

hey boo



It is so delicious that I would eat the whole jar if no one was watching me…..


So there you have it, my new sweets for a new Sweet Year! Happy New Year! What are your favorite sweets?

Anika Yael Natori, aka, The Josie Girl

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