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I am a health freak as I love my gym, nature, fresh air, chia seeds, coconut, and vegan concoctions. And yet, I am a sucker for candy, too. I KNOW, right? Hard to believe, but I love it. I hoard Halloween candy all year because I love the shiny wrappers and the delicious, chocolatey, oh-so-sweet treats inside. Drooling now. And it is so cliche, but a candy store to me, is well, like one big candy store. I can’t just look, and I want to taste everything — it all looks delicious and I NEED. EVERYTHING. THEN. AND. NOW. SHAKE. SHAKE. CONVULSIONS.


Picturesque Sockerbit in the West Village of NYC.

Constantly on my Scandinavian kick (PROMISE LAST SCANDINAVIAN POST!), I recently “found” myself in this posh, modern, beautiful Swedish Candy Store, Sockerbit, in the West Village. I first heard about this store through my dear friend, Camilla, who the sweetheart she is, would always bring us candy on any holiday (talk about being a good friend!). So when I “stumbled” in this store, I could have died. My heaven.

sweet and swedish, indeed.

sweet and swedish, indeed.


POP of color. Everything is so chic, bright, and modern. Love the Swedes.


Bins upon bins and bins and bins of more! HALLELUJAH!

More Bins

More bins. How does one decide? Holy crap.

Ever more!

Ever more! HEART ATTACK.


green sour watermelons that are beyond delicious. But watch out — you can’t eat too many or you will burn your mouth (spoken from experience).


Happy is an understatement.


Sleek, chic, clean.


Bag with my selection of treats.


Bag — looks almost like a Barneys bag. And yep, to me, the contents are almost as exciting!

Yes, I bought this much candy.

Yes, I bought this much candy….no judging.


Mixture of more of my bags.

So check out Sockerbit. They sell online (thank heavens) as well as at their retail space at 89 Christopher Street, in NYC. It is the perfect pick-me-up present for any friend, or yourself. Especially when the days get shorter and the nights get longer.

Anika Yael Natori, aka, The Josie Girl

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  1. I need a Friday pick me up. Unfortunately, this store is 3000 miles away from me. haha

  2. I love a good candy store. There is a taffy store in Capitola I am always trying to drag Joe to. I think I might just need to mail order candy now!

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