Favorites: Boulud Chickpea Fries

Ken and I were in Florida last weekend with the kiddos, and we bunkered up in the Natori Sr’s condo.  We ate every meal at home except for (1) a Starbucks coffee run (actually a walk, we didn’t have a car), and (2) a take-out serving of one of my FAVORITE sides in the world….


Cafe Boulud in Palm Beach

Daniel Boulud is a famous restaurateur, whose restaurants include Daniel in New York, and Cafe Boulud in Palm Beach.  His food is very sophisticated, and delicious.  We have eaten a couple of times at Cafe Boulud, and the dish that I think about ALL of the time is his CHICKPEA FRIES.  So much so that we placed an order for pick-up our last night there!

My heaven

My heaven

Chickpea fries are made from chickpea flour dough, and can be baked or fried.  I think the Boulud ones are fried, but whatever they are, they are delicious.  I am definitely going to figure out how to make these at home!

Hunk o' fry

Hunk o’ fry

Inside chickpea goodness

Inside chickpea goodness

These were the perfect side with our homemade baked blue cheese cheeseburger, and a side salad with vinaigrette.


Dinner! (Chickpea fries topped with the Cafe Boulud side sauce.).

If you ever get the chance, the chickpea fries at Cafe Boulud are DEFINITELY worth the trip.

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  1. i ate at daniel in new york once. it was a little contrived for me, but the food was definitely delicious!

    • I have actually never eaten at Daniel before. I want to try, just to know what it is like.

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