Favorites: Boulud Chickpea Fries

Ken and I were in Florida last weekend with the kiddos, and we bunkered up in the Natori Sr’s condo.  We ate every meal at home except for (1) a Starbucks coffee run (actually a walk, we didn’t have a car), and (2) a take-out serving of one of my FAVORITE sides in the world….


Cafe Boulud in Palm Beach

Daniel Boulud is a famous restaurateur, whose restaurants include Daniel in New York, and Cafe Boulud in Palm Beach.  His food is very sophisticated, and delicious.  We have eaten a couple of times at Cafe Boulud, and the dish that I think about ALL of the time is his CHICKPEA FRIES.  So much so that we placed an order for pick-up our last night there!

My heaven

My heaven

Chickpea fries are made from chickpea flour dough, and can be baked or fried.  I think the Boulud ones are fried, but whatever they are, they are delicious.  I am definitely going to figure out how to make these at home!

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