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Starting with my childhood, I have never paid much attention to my hair. First, I had a boy’s bowl cut, then a perm (and a mullet), and since high school have had long hair that I always tie in a tight chignon. I am incredibly unoriginal with my hair and have never dressed it up for different occasions. I am a simple bun girl. So it may shock people, including myself, that I am totally and utterly obsessed with different hairbows and bands for my daughter, Zoe. I have no idea why, but I can’t stop buying them and dressing her up.  Every day is a different hairbow, hairband, and look. It is incredibly fun and I think she looks unbelievably cute!

Here are my favorite hairbands/bows:

1. Hairbands from Lou and Lee


girly bow

One of my favorite hairbands! Such a fun and bright, flowery vintage bow!

more louandlee

Some more choices of these oh-so-cool hairbows and hairbands

polka dot

TOTALLY OBSESSED with this hairband. Polka dot, turquoise, and sparkles. Three of my favorite things EVER. And all combined = #1 hairband.


And another one of Lou and Lee's fabulous hairbands. Neon and pouf turn the little 4 month old into a fashionista supermodel.

2. Hairbows from The Ribbon House


Rainbow of hairbows -- you pick the colors for $1 per bow! WINNER!


Colors galore!


Orange you cute?

Polka dot magic.

3. Original felt clips from May Crimson


SO SWEET!!!! chirp chirp!


I want (and need) all of these!!! Too cute.


Sunny sunflower clip.


Felted pink bow to match those pouty luscious lips.

If you have a young daughter to dress up, I highly suggest checking these sites out. And if you don’t have a daughter, they make a perfect little gift for someone who does. Enjoy!

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  1. This is the best blog post for moi ever! I was literally just asking a friend if she knew where to find girlie hairbows! So fun!

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