Fashion Week! Josie Natori Show

Nothing better than starting the work week with a big party!  Yesterday, I had the privilege of attending the Spring/Summer 2013 Josie Natori Ready-to-wear Fashion Show. And HOLY COW, the collection was absolutely exquisite. So beautiful that I am already jotting down the outfits that I need. Not only were the pieces well thought out, detailed, beautiful, wearable, flattering, and unique, but the whole scenery of the show was absolutely breath-taking. The models were situated like paintings in an art exhibit — the white backdrop highlighted the divine collection of clothes. Ladies, come Spring 2013, you better HAUL your tushes to the stores.


Backstage. Glamorous Mess.


Sparkling water, bubbling champagne, and hot dudes. What else does a girl need?

model line up

Model line up.

hair sheet

Hair-do sheet -- so fairy fun!


Creative director Andrew Egan hung white rice paper from the ceiling to make an amazing backdrop for the models. Beautiful!


Beautiful whites. THESE ARE AH-MAZING. Better than Philip Lim, the embroidery, cut outs, details are imaginative, inspiring, and unique. And the shapes are flattering. I want to order one of everything in this image! SERIOUSLY.

i want


exotic hair

Exotic hair. Shiseido did the hair and makeup for the models. Amazing, right?


Bright and tall statues.

shirt dress

A fun, flirty shirt dress.


Photographers at work. And some uber hip blonde girl.

more hair

More hair. Can someone please come over to my apartment and do this to my hair? I have places to go (Back to School Parent Night) and this look is oh-so-perfect!



This tribal necklace is for a strong, determined, artsy, and fashionable lady. And once again, I am in love!!


My favorite little non-sister, sister (my date to the show).

hawt dawg

My main squeeze, Ken Natori.


Pantsuit. tie-dye. amazing. Now, I just need to convince my mother-in-law to make this same romper for baby girls. HELLO matching tie dye pant suit.


Vibrant and summery colors.

Twists, patterns, texture.


Flanked on both sides by the exquisite and beautiful Gilt founders, Alexandra Wilkis Wilson and Alexis Maybank.


20 second timeout

More texture and sparkle.


A Buntal bag with a bang.


Patterns. This collection has a little bit of everything.


Chilling on the sideline.

birds view

Birds eye view.

close up

Close up of my favorite skirt. Unbelievable.


The ever so talented, Mrs. Josie Natori. She was the hot ticket to talk to as everyone wanted to interview her and/or congratulate her on an amazing collection!


And of course, her shoes.

I am so in awe of my mother-in-law and Natori!  The company has been expanding from a brand most known for sleepwear to a lifestyle brand, and the ready-to-wear collection is continuing to lead the charge.  I don’t have to say this, but I honestly feel strongly about this collection — it is absolutely beautiful, crisp, clean, young, and fun. I can’t wait for Spring when these pieces are in production, and I get to wear some of them. I will keep you in the loop when they hit stores. Have a great week!

Anika Yael Natori, aka, The Josie Girl

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  1. The whites are amazing. Don’t think I would wear tie dye but it looks beautiful on the model

  2. Love the clothes (especially the lace cut-outs) and the hair. And of course, Yael, you look BEAUTIFUL. Go tie-dyed dress!

    • Aw shucks, thanks emma! I thought that the tie-dye dress would fit in well with the collection, and it did! You will have to come up to NYC for a special trunk show event we will be doing (whenever we get our acts together!)

  3. Wow, the collection is beautiful. I loved seeing the waiters, the food, the models, the beautiful people, and most of all Josie. Thanks for sharing.

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