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I can never have too many handbags. Like most women, I love collecting them and having options of what to carry on certain days. But lately, I have been only carrying around the same bag.  Not because I feel like it is my go-to bag, but because I am too lazy to move everything from bag to bag. Too many times, if I do switch, I forget to transfer something important. And then I am left without my chapstick, my subway card, my mints… something essential. Another issue with handbags is that everything is freely rolling around and it takes me forever to search for what I want. My time is too valuable (and my hands are too occupied) to be knee deep searching in my bag for something important.

All of this was a problem… until I discovered Inouis. And GIRL, is it a life-changer!

The main product of Inouis (IN-wee) is the Core, which is a luxury handbag organizer. It has dedicated compartments for all the needs in your life — cell phone, lipstick, wallet, etc…Everything about Inouis Core has been thoroughly thought out.  It is perfectly designed for the woman on the go.


The Core

There are two main products.  The Core Leather set ($350) and the Core Textile set ($200).  Each set is 3 pieces: the main insert (Core, with 20 pockets), a mini-version of the Core (6 pockets), and an ID/Card carrying case.  Are they cheap? No. But if you add up all of the time you can shave off futzing around your bag, and all of the aggravation you save by not forgetting important things, AND an easier ability to actually use multiple purses you may have, the organizer ends up paying for itself. To buy these purse lifesavers, go here.



The Core is almost so beautiful that it could be a bag itself! That said, its main draw is truly how much it helps you organize!

 Bag drawn together

Clutch? So pretty that it could be! The Core Textile set comes in five different colors: orange, green, black, blue, and ivory. The Core Leather set comes in three different luxurious Italian leather colors: red, black, and yellow. So many pretty colors to choose from!

In organizing your core, they suggest the following:

* Use the three products together as a SET rather than three separate pieces.

* Put the most basic items in the smaller Core-mini and the rest in the larger Core. THEN, the Core-mini can be placed at the center of the Core to maximize access to the Core’s interior pockets. The card holder is where you should place credit cards, metro tickets and your-ever-so-handy-20-dollar-bill.

* Put your cell phone in the exterior back pockets for easy access.



The CC case with metro cards and IDs

The Core

The Core with the mini-Core in the center (most important items in the mini).

Tie closed

Tie closed to alter size and shape of the Core making it easy to go between different sizes of bags -- small and large, day and evening.

inside bag

Inside the bag and ready to ROLL!

As someone who is always on the go, having an organized bag simplifies my life and makes it less likely for me to pull out my hair in frustration. I cannot tell you HOW many times I have arrived at the subway without my metrocard because it is in another bag, or have had to fiddle for minutes to find change or a pen. Now that I have the Core, it is easier to transfer bags with all the essentials AND know where all my items belong in my purse. The Core is a great gift for yourself or a friend!

Anika Yael Natori, aka, The Josie Girl

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  1. Expensive! But maybe it’s worth it. I definitely waste a lot of time looking for things..

  2. I’m heading back to school in the Fall and I actually need something like this for college. Fashionable and useful… couldn’t ask for anything better!Thanks JG!!

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