Spring Wish List

Okay, not that I am in a position to buy any clothes, but I still have a wish list for Spring 2012. Who doesn’t? (Yes, I am taking a week off from the Fashion Star recaps).  Not even an absurd amount of added weight, a bulging stomach, thick legs, and swollen feet (AKA pregnancy) can stop me from wanting and wishing and hoping for some dreamy Spring items….it is like the more you can’t have it, the more you want it…

Here they are! And I must say that because it is a WISH list, these items are not necessarily affordable.

Elizabeth and James Neon Jeans

Neon jeans

I am a sucker for the neon jeans trend. Not only do I love jeans, and neon, but I also love NEON JEANS. BAM! Perfection.

Theory Bright Blue Cotton Blazer

Blue blazer

Once again, a sucker for color and comfort. The mixture of a bright cobalt blue blazer with cotton fabric makes me swoon and want it NOW.

The Row Audrey Sunglasses

The Row Sunglasses

I am 100% sure by the time you will read this, I will have ordered these sunglasses. I wanted these badly last year, but they were sold out everywhere and then my desire for them kind of faded. But now, the NEED (my body NEEDS these sunglasses) has returned...

Miu Miu Gold Glitter Leather Sneakers

miu miu sneakers

GOLD?!?!?! STUDS?!?!?! SNEAKERS?!?!?!? SOLD!!!!

No. 6 Store (non shearling) clogs

No. 6 clogs

As far as I am concerned, a girl cannot have enough No. 6 clogs...and yes, I would even wear them with shorts.

Winifred Grace Hippy Necklace

hippy necklace

I mean, I *AM* from Eugene, Oregon -- #1 Hippy place in the USA. You can take the girl out of Eugene, but you can't take the Eugene out of the girl.

Alexander Wang Marion Sling Bag

AW Marion Sling Bag

So not practical for this stage in my life (a bag that small with two kids? What would I carry besides one diaper? And does a diaper even fit????) Maybe I want this bag so badly because it is so unpractical.

Isabel Marant Merry Leather Sandals

Isabel Marant sandals

Yes, these look exactly like the Saltwander Sandals that I used to rock as a kid (and the ones that I have for King Cruz), but they just appear a little more refined and sophisticated. Or maybe they don't and I am blind to anything Isabel Marant does (LOVE!)

Other than these items, I also want a thick heeled shoe to rock in the summer, and a blinged out sparkly necklace. But I can’t find anything ANYWHERE. Hours upon hours wasted searching on the internet when I should be sleeping….any leads for me? Le sigh. Back to reality, where I will only be buying mumus and stretched out leggings for Spring 2012. But with those boring items comes a baby, and that makes it all worth it.

What are you burning to buy this Spring?

Anika Yael Natori, aka The Josie Girl.

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  1. Of the above, I would take (1) the jeans (2) the bag (3) the clogs. Thanks for the ideas!

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