The Good Fork

I love to pretend that I live in suburbia (instead of in the middle of a concrete jungle island). As a result, Ken and I tend to drive more than the average Manhattanites (we are very lucky to have access to a car — life changer, I must say). It is a fun activity to hop into the car, drive downtown to dinner, explore areas that are hard to get to, and explore other boroughs. One of our absolute favorite field trips is to Red Hook (a remote area in Brooklyn on the water — very warehouse-esque, hip, and modern) and eat at an excellent restaurant called The Good Fork. The Good Fork is owned and operated by a couple who live close by to the restaurant with their family. The husband manages the restaurant and the wife is the head chef. Not only is the food memorable and delicious, but the service is superb, the ambiance low key and cozy, and the overall atmosphere is lovely, familiar, neighborhood-esque and chill. Nothing better than a drive over the Brooklyn Bridge to enjoy an excellent meal in an intimate setting.

The drive. Depending on traffic we either go over the Brooklyn Bridge or through the Battery Tunnel (toll required).

The door leading to the restaurant. The Good Fork is located in a brick house.

red hook

Red Hook sign near the water.


Inside, The Good Fork reminds me of a train car. (????) Not sure why, but it is old school, cozy, and sophisticated.

The Good Fork

The Good Fork's menu is eclectic, varied, and specializes in local and organic fare. It has a little bit of everything, so anyone can enjoy a meal there.

Ken's first course

Ken is more adventuresome than me. He likes to get something new and different every time we visit. I, on the other hand, stick to the same meal. YAWN and predictable, but always delicious. This is a picture of Ken's first course -- grilled calamari salad.


My salad. Looks soggy and not so great in this photo, but I swear it is AMAZING.

pork chop

Big piece of meat for Ken. Pork Chop.

Steak and eggs

One of their specialties is the "Steak and Eggs" Korean style. I like to substitute the steak with tofu. So delicious. And then you always have leftovers for lunch the next day.

drive home

The drive home with a beautiful view of Manhattan and the Brooklyn Bridge.

The Good Fork is located at 391 Van Brunt Street in Brooklyn. To read more about the restaurant, go here. It is worth the adventure. You will not be disappointed.

Have a great weekend!

Anika Yael Natori, aka The Josie Girl

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    • Baked is one of my favorites! But have cut back since I am decreasing my sugar intake!

  1. Really liked the shot of the Good Fork. Rather than a RR car it looks to me like a restaurant in historic Jacksonville, OR. Great old brick wall.

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