Green Smoothie

I am hungry all the time now. Or should I say that Baby Girl Natori is starving (does that sound better)? In any case, every hour on the hour, I end up in the kitchen looking through the fridge in search of something that is “filling”, “nutritious”, “appetizing”, and “appealing”, which seems very difficult, as all I really want is a big fat piece of toast with nutella spread on it.

So, my new favorite mid-morning or afternoon snack is a green smoothie. Not only is it delicious and healthy, but it keeps me full for 2-3 hours — which is unbelievable. The smoothie requires minimal ingredients, little time and effort, and is BRIGHT green.  It’s an awesome snack.


* Several handfuls of fresh spinach

* 1/2 to 1 full banana

* 1/2 cup of almond milk

* 1 tablespoon of almond butter


Seems like everything I cook with these days uses almond milk, almond butter, some type of green and some type of fruit. But trust me, this recipe is DA BOMB (and yes, I just said that).


* Put all the ingredients in the vitamix/blender.

Magic Bullet

I didn't have access to my vitamix to make this drink, but I did use the "Magic Bullet." Mixed a smaller quantity of ingredients, but it was just as effective and smooth.

in blender

The ingredients in the blender. I never measure, and just guesstimate, but it always seems to work out just right!

* Blend until it becomes smooth and silky.

magic bullet

The Magic Bullet in action.


Look at that fresh green color! LOVE.


Green heaven

Here it is! Green Smoothie! And yes, those are palm trees in the background. I must say, that a green smoothie is the perfect filling and refreshing drink when in the sunshine.

Aside from the banana (which has a lot of sugar in it), there is no added sugar and the spinach is a good source of iron (I am anemic now), so overall this drink is full of nutrients and vitamins. Good for everyone! What are your favorite snacks or smoothies? Please share! Would love to hear from you about your nutritious and yummy snacks!

Have a great weekend!

Anika Yael Natori, aka The Josie Girl

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  1. I’m totally trying this… I have a big party this weekend and smoothies are on the menu 🙂

  2. i like to freeze cut up chunks of banana and use them in smoothies. it makes the smoothies extra frosty and delicious!

    • Me too. Mainly because I forget to eat the bananas when they are sitting on the counter and I have no choice but to freeze them or throw them out!

  3. I wonder if I can make this with coconut milk…love the green – reminds me of phoebe’s baby food!

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