Since I am currently going through my homesickness/Oregon withdrawal (which happens EVERY time I leave Oregon), I am still thinking about all of the wonderful products, places, and people that emerge from my home state.


The infamous blue Pendleton label.

One Oregon-based company that I love is Pendleton. Pendleton is known for its Native American motif blankets — the prints are vivacious and unique, and the wool is divine. The company was founded in 1909 in Seaside, Oregon and has been known nationally for its home goods. It also produces amazing (and stylish!) clothing options for men and women. I became a fan a little over 2 years ago (I went into labor the night I placed my first order, hence the reason why I remember exactly when I became a fan) when Pendleton did a collaboration with leading edgy retailer, Opening Ceremony, which helped them land a front cover on WWD!


The cover of WWD that featured the Pendleton Opening Ceremony Jacket.

My first purchase was a coat, one that I find incredibly beautiful and special. To me, it is a piece of art. I wear it a lot in the Fall and Winter, and everywhere I go, I get comments on it. I have even worn it to fashion events and have gotten a lot of compliments! It is perfect for throwing on everyday, or for a special occasion. I love that it is not black and that it is different than the mundane puffy black coats that permeate the streets of New York.

Turquoise coat

Disregard my snarky facial expression. Here is a picture of me in my favorite coat -- less than a week after giving birth to my son two years ago!


The coat came in three different colors. I debated back and forth on what color to get, and ended up with the turquoise (which I love).

This Hannukah, my mother — also a Pendleton fan — gifted me a sophisticated and unique cape. It was actually a theme for the whole family. The younger generation of men received a shirt, the women a coat, and my father a vest (he looks quite dapper in a vest). We are all very thankful for our presents! A piece of Oregon in all of our closets!


The cape. I love it, although I would not style it with a belt on top.

I love all of the Pendleton products. Especially the ones in which they collaborated with Opening Ceremony — it brings more of a hipness and edge that potentially is missed in some of the classic shapes. They worked together for three seasons and produced some amazing pieces. Many men’s pieces are still available online. Although they do not have a current collection together, Opening Ceremony helped bring a freshness to the brand, giving it more ooomph, pizzazz, and indie spirit!


I mean, really, how AWESOME is this vest???

In addition to the well known blankets and clothing, they also have incredible bags. My mom has traveled with one of them for years, that is until I stole it from her (Thanks, Mama!)


One of the many bags.

Weekend bag

A weekend bag.

It’s worth taking a look at! It might not be for everyone — you definitely have to feel comfortable rocking out in bright colors — but it is high quality material and an Oregon business!

— AYN, aka the Josie Girl.

Josie Girl


  1. Love this post. Had never heard of them, but will definitely check them out. Thanks, JG!

  2. Hi Anika!
    I love your blog! I actually worked in the sales department at Natori about 5 years ago! I am from Portland and like you, was always missing Oregon when I lived in NYC. I have since moved back to Portland:) Anyway, our dear family friends own Pendleton Woolen Mills, and I passed your blog post along to them so they could see how you highlighted their (fabulous) brand. I know they will be thrilled that you mentioned them! Take care and keep up your fun blog, I am glad you are representing Oregon so well in NYC! Take care:)

    • Ashley — of course I remember you! I always love Oregonians….I am jealous that you are back in Portland….in due time (ha!) I can’t believe your friends own Pendleton! I can’t tell you how in love I am with my gear from there. LOVE. LOVE. LOVE. And I always get so many compliments. Thank you for letting them know about the post — and thank you for reading this blog, means a lot to me! It is a new effort on my part — never thought I would be doing this — but truly having fun and enjoying every minute of it! Harder than I thought….anyways, thank you SO much for your shout out and your comment! Hope all is well! xo

  3. Such a fun coat! I have something similar… the tribal prints are very in now. Great post!

  4. Love that you highlighted Pendleton! Although personally, I can’t pull off those tribal prints (too short, too thin), I adore Pendleton! This company is one of the few that still offers conservative business clothing for women, which is a necessity for me at work here in the Midwest. I am so grateful. I also love that Pendleton seems to try to add some cute detail to these conservative skirts, pants and jackets! For a while they didn’t, but in the last 2 years, they have picked it up! YAY Pendleton!

    By the way you really rock that coat! Perfect for you, and so special that you ordered it the night you went into labor.

    • Thank you so much, Amanda! I really appreciate your comment! I agree with you that in the past 2 years, Pendleton has stepped up in hippness and style and offers a lot more these days!

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