Ever since I joined the 20th century and engaged in the world wide web (or as my brother likes to call it, “the Internets”), I have woken up everyday to 76 HUNDRED (like 7,600) emails from all of my favorite stores and shopping websites. Not that I don’t love feeling popular and having a full inbox of emails, but LORDIE, it was TOO much. Every store, every website, every newsletter, every place sent me details on sales, trends, discounts, and promotions. So what did I do? I wanted to purge and unsubscribe from everything…but I knew that meant that I would be back to living like it was 1994, unaware of all of the must haves, deals, and free shipping codes.  So, I just did nothing (and moaned about the fact that I spent too much time shopping online and deleting emails).

That is, until I was introduced to Hipiti (HIP-ih-tee). And ladies, this site is GENIUS.

Instead of five bzillion emails, I now receive one (YES, ONE!) descriptive email with all of the sales and offers on a single page! So much easier to read and manage.  Hipiti enables you to learn about all of the discounts, trends, and stories of all your favorite stores with one click.

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