Ever since I joined the 20th century and engaged in the world wide web (or as my brother likes to call it, “the Internets”), I have woken up everyday to 76 HUNDRED (like 7,600) emails from all of my favorite stores and shopping websites. Not that I don’t love feeling popular and having a full inbox of emails, but LORDIE, it was TOO much. Every store, every website, every newsletter, every place sent me details on sales, trends, discounts, and promotions. So what did I do? I wanted to purge and unsubscribe from everything…but I knew that meant that I would be back to living like it was 1994, unaware of all of the must haves, deals, and free shipping codes.  So, I just did nothing (and moaned about the fact that I spent too much time shopping online and deleting emails).

That is, until I was introduced to Hipiti (HIP-ih-tee). And ladies, this site is GENIUS.

Instead of five bzillion emails, I now receive one (YES, ONE!) descriptive email with all of the sales and offers on a single page! So much easier to read and manage.  Hipiti enables you to learn about all of the discounts, trends, and stories of all your favorite stores with one click.

daily email

An example of my daily email. One email with the list of my stores and the deal alerts!

It is a simple process.  Hipiti tracks trends, gathers promotional codes, and sale information from your favorite stores (in five different categories: clothes, shoes/accessories, beauty, home, and kids/baby). You simply have to go to the website, choose your favorite stores, and Hipiti filters through the offers (you choose the filter options — new arrivals, trends, promo codes, etc…) to create a personal dashboard of what’s going on.  The site then sends one email to you every day with all of your information.

personal dashboard

Here is my personal dashboard. It shows all 10 stores that I am following and then lists the deals for each store.

expanded view

The expanded view for the current deals at Barneys NY.

The ten stores that I follow are Barneys, Bergdorf Goodman, Gilt Baby, Intermix, J.Crew, Madewell, Net-a-porter, Patagonia, Rag and Bone, and REI.

Of course, only bright and beautiful women could have been the brains behind this fabulous site (isn’t that always the case?). Kristin and Rama, two Stanford Business School grads created this site in 2011 due to their online shopping/email frustration. So, after surveying over 200 women, they created a product designed by and for women. HOLLA GIRL PRODUCT! (Don’t we wish we were all so beautiful and smart as Kristin and Rama? Super jealous).

Kristin and Rama

Brains and beauties, Kristin and Rama.

So if you are interested, sign up for Hipiti’s private beta by using this link. Its like feng shui for your email shopping addiction! Refreshing, light, easy, rewarding, and helpful! So hurry and sign up now!

Also, follow them on twitter (@hipiti), like them on facebook (hipiti), and read their fashion blog!

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