Favorite Snacks

Thanks to everyone for all of the support and comments from Wednesday’s post.  Yes, I am now a mother again, but the blog must go on!

I am a snacker and a picker and therefore like to pick and eat at food ALL the time. Besides the obvious snacks (fruit), here are my top five favorite snacks to eat throughout the day.

1. Yum Nuts

I used to not like cashews, that is until I had Yum Nuts, and now I am in love. Yum Nuts are sold at Whole Foods or other grocery stores around the country, and come as seasoned cashews or almonds. The cashews come in five different flavors: chocolate, touch of honey,  toasted coconut, sea salt, and cajun. There are three different almond flavors; dark chocolate, cinnamon, and ginger orange.


A great on-the-go pick me up snack!

I cannot begin to tell you how delicious these nuts are. They are just the right amount of sweetness (for us sweet addicts) but have the protein and fat in them to fill you up quickly. They are flavored, but ever so slightly — nothing too intense or overbearing, just a hint and taste of the extra goodness. These nuts are so delicious that I have begun to hoard them (shocker)….You can also buy them online in variety packs and bulk

2. Blue Diamond Salt and Vinegar Almonds

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