Prison Landscapes

My husband says that my stories need to be shorter and funnier, but I am not sure how I can tell a quick story about the background on this AMAZING project by my friend, Alyse Edmur…


How cute is she????

Alyse is not only cute, adorable, pinch-able, smart, artsy, and likeable, but she is also the girlfriend of a close friend, Michael Parker, a classmate of mine at Pomona College.  Michael Parker (he is one of those people I have to always address by first and last name) was the hot stud on campus (of the surfer, artsy, maybe never showered crew). Michael Parker is the type of person that you want at YOUR party because he is just so fun, wild, charming, interesting, interested, and hubba hubba good looking.


Sooooo Michael Parker.

So you couldn’t put two better people together than Alyse and Michael Parker. They are just the oh-so-perfect-match-made-in-heaven. You want to take them both and fit them in your pocket to carry around at all times — they are just both so perfectly cute and fun.


I mean, come on, don’t you want to be friends with them?

But this isn’t about their love story.  Instead, it’s about the spectacular and fascinating book just released by Alyse (both Alyse and Michael Parker are talented LA based artists).

prisoner landscapes

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