Must Read Book: When Breath Becomes Air

Everyone is talking about it…. so call me generic or mainstream, but I can’t stop raving and oohing and crying about When Breath Becomes Air. I am obsessed: I have ordered four copies and given them to friends. I figure out a way to bring it up in every conversation. I think about it. I want to re-read it with a highlighter and underline the important lines. It is heart-wrenching, gut-punching, soul-defining good.


Fresh Air.

Fresh Air.

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Remembering Joanna

I am not going to lie, but the past week has been difficult. It has been a hard transition for me to move from Summer to Fall, lounging to responsibilities, house to apartment, and Oregon to NYC. It is during those times — when I feel down and irritable — that I try to remember that everything is relative. At least I am alive and well with my family and loved ones. Unlike Joanna. Not a day goes by that I don’t think about Joanna. On good days, bad days, cherished moments with my children, phone calls with my siblings, walks in the park, and routine activities, Joanna flickers through my mind. It is with a heavy heart that I remember my sister-in-law’s sister, Joanna. Might seem like a convoluted relationship, but she was more than just a distant relative; she was the sister of my brother’s wife as well as a friend, a mother, a daughter, a partner. Although Joanna passed away more than 2 years ago, it seems like yesterday and still brings tears to my eyes. 9 months after she was diagnosed with acute myeloid leukemia, the world lost her. And what a great loss it was.


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Tribute to Annabel Tollman

It is with a heavy heart that we say goodbye to Annabel Tollman who passed away Thursday night in her sleep from a blood clot.  She was only 36.  Annabel was an amazing stylist and worked with Natori for many years, styling both runway shows and photo shoots. Her passion, energy, and charisma showed in her work and approach to life. What a tragedy to say goodbye to such a young and talented woman. She will be greatly missed.

Annabel and MIL this past February.

Annabel and Josie Natori this past February.

Below is an interview I did with her in April, 2012. She was creative, passionate, and inspirational. She will be greatly missed.


This past season, Natori has had the opportunity and privilege to work with celebrity stylist Annabel Tollman for fashion presentations and shoots. Annabel has amazing experience, style, and a viewpoint that blows everyone away. A native of England, she has made her mark in the fashion community by dressing high profile celebrities such as Scarlett Johansson, Mariah Carey, and my all time favorite, the Olsen Twins. I had the honor of asking the lovely Annabel questions, and here are her responses.

Annabel Tollman

Not only is Annabel stylish, but she is beautiful too. Double envy.

Tell us your journey- how did you become a stylist?

I studied Fashion at Central St. Martins and specialized in Communication and Promotion – I was supposed to become a journalist, but after many solitary days spent at home writing (wearing my pajamas and with only the occasional messenger for a chat) I was interning and started assisting a stylist and discovered that whizzing about in her convertible and going on shoots with cool interesting people was much more interesting. Now of course I long for days spent at home in pajamas (albeit silk with a matching kimono). Soon after that I met Tyler Brule, who asked me if I wanted to come and work on his launch venture, which was Wallpaper. I worked for Tyler during the rest of college and went straight back when I graduated.

Tyler Brule

Man of style, Tyler Brule, is the editor and founder of Monocle.

Who were your mentors along the way?

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