What to do in NYC when freezing

It was VERY, VERY, VERY cold over the weekend in NYC. It was hard to do much of anything because of the frigid air. Here is what I suggest doing if you are in NYC when it is very cold outside.


The Met Museum


I went the other weekend to celebrate the Chinese New Year and see a special dance performance. It was fun to be in the museum (the actual performance was so so), but I love how beautiful the structure of the Met is and how you can get lost in it for days.

Made me laugh — a bubble butt I want as my tush has started to sag in my old age….


American Dream Mall in NJ


It was our first time going to this mega mall in NJ this past weekend — and holy cow. There is so much to do: a water park, an amusement park, mini golf, a ferris wheel, a ski resort (!!!), and a bazillion stores. It was the perfect plan on a cold day.

The amusement park.

We went on the ferris wheel versus the amusement park — next time, we will go to it, but our timing was slightly off.


The Guggenheim: Nick Cave


The Guggenheim is located 2 blocks away from my daughter’s school so I have gone to the most recent Alex Katz exhibit 3 times in the pas 2 weeks (I went twice last week, totally randomly!). I loved the Alex Katz exhibit, but really really loved the Nick Cave exhibition.

Look at the embroidery!

So creative.

Incredibly beautiful and unique.

Loved all the colors.


Fotografiska: Hip Hop Exhibit


I had never been to the Fotografiska Museum before: a museum dedicated to photography. But I decided I needed to go because the exhibit the opened last week is on hip hop, and I love love love hip hop. I HIGHLY recommend seeing this exhibit if you are a lover of hip hop — if not, probably not your thing.

A great space — with a listening studio up on the roof.

I loved seeing all the hip hop stars over the years (and georgraphically) in beautiful photographs.

Photos everywhere.

Dr. Dre.

Tribe Called Quest.


Notorious BIG


Fancy Brunch


Another thing we did this weekend when it was too cold to do anything else, was eat. We had a lovely brunch with my mother in law and loved all our food.

With a beautiful view, too.



So there you have it– my suggestions on what to do when it is so cold in NYC. I of course also ran (yes in 5 degree weather), watched movies, read books, and snuggled up with the kids and dog……but also loved doing these cultural things, as well. Please send me any other suggestions you might have!

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