Crumbl Cookies

Currently, Crumbl cookies are all the rage as the store just opened up in Manhattan on the Upper East Side. It is another jumbo-sized cookie (each one is four servings) with 500 franchised stores around the country. There is a ton of hype around the cookies, but I have to admit, they are so delicious. And worth it.


Box of deliciousness.

One of the “hype” elements of the cookies is that the bakery only releases four or five flavors each week. So, you never know what will be available next–or if your favorite flavor will come around again.


The week’s selection. All so good — my favorite was the Butterfinger.

Look at them!

All gone!


They are also opening up on the Upper West Side. GO GO GO GO! SO GOOD.

Anika Yael Natori, aka, The Josie Girl

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