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My 12 year old, Cruz, loves skateboarding. All summer long in Oregon, we went to various skate parks and it definitely became a passion of his. Now that we are in NYC, he goes with his besties to Brooklyn to an indoor skate park on a weekly basis. He loves it, and we love that it is a form of exercise, socialization, and an opportunity for him to do something he loves. So we decided to get him a half pipe for our home in Pound Ridge. This half pipe installation was quite a process — we had to dedicate 2 full days of putting it together (well not me personally, but I was involved with carrying the pieces from the truck to the deck).


The truck was supposed to arrive any time between 9 and 5, and showed up at 4:30 pm. It then said that it couldn’t go up the driveway, but we convinced the very kind driver to try. And it worked. There is NO way I could have carried everything up the driveway. Even with 3 of us.

All the pieces. We moved our table to the side. Who needs to eat outside anyways?

I am not good with building anything. Three days earlier, I tried to put together a desk for Cruz’s bedroom, and it took me three hours and I put the leg on backwards.

A look at all the parts.

Ken starting to realize that this was a huge commitment and we needed HELP from someone other than me.

We made some calls and got some help.

We wanted to get as much done as possible because we knew it was going to rain in a couple of days and if the man power was there then, we needed to use it then.

Nightime coming.

The next day! With more man power! But look at the progress!

Lots of drills, lots of nails, and lots of work.

And then it was done! And we are all so happy!

We love it!!!

Even at night, Cruzzie wanted to skate.

In pajamas!


Preppy skater look!


We bought our ramp at OC Ramps and highly recommend.

Anika Yael Natori, aka, The Josie Girl

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