Currently Loving November 2020

Although it is just the beginning of the month, here is what I am currently loving (I need to be positive, especially with the big election this Tuesday and all the unknowns afterwards)


1. Armchair Expert with Matthew McConaughey


SUCH a good listen. I listened to it when I was driving and was laughing out loud like best friends with this duo. So much fun, so good.

2. Natori Tea Party Pajamas


I love Natori cotton pajamas and these are my new favorite. Just the right amount of thickness, and with a cute pattern.


3. My Octopus Teacher


So many friends have told me about this movie and so I finally watched it. It is a great family movie and really endearing.


4. Dee Montero “In The Wild”


A strikingly beautiful track that makes you want to immediately dance!


5. Time Warp: The Year of Blur


Oh 2020…..the year of blur, yes indeed. A great article to read. We are not alone.


So there you have it. Some randoms and miscellaneous things that I am currently loving. I am NOT loving the dark afternoons, the persistently bad rainy weather in NYC, the dooming election and what will come, the constant feelings of uncertainty, and all the unknowns. But I am enjoying, eating at home, snuggles with the family, good music, entertaining shows, and podcasts that make me laugh out loud……now do tell me, what are you loving! Happy 1st Monday in November!




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