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There are a lot of filters and apps to make photographs better, whether it is to have for your own personal photo collection or to post on social media. Currently, I have seen a lot of people using “Whitagram” which leaves a very artsy and clean white frame around photographs. I recently downloaded the app and used it on some pictures.  I love the look. Download it on the app store on your iphone and use it on any photo in your library. PLEASE NOTE: It is hard to really tell what the end result looks like with the pictures here — as the blog post is a white background and the frames around the photos are white, it is hard to really picture what I am talking about. But trust me, it looks good and chic.


SUPER easy to use.

You literally choose the background / frame of any color.


Kids under a tree. Do you see the white frame?


Me and Cruzzie on a raft in Tahoe. Still hard to see the white frame, but hopefully more clear?


Us in Tahoe. WHITE FRAME????


Again in Tahoe. I KNOW I KNOW it’s hard to see the white frame. BUT PLEASE TRUST ME, the photos look good when you are not posting them on a white background….


Hopefully this makes sense — I love this new app and will use it on photographs but NOT to post here on the blog because it, well, doesn’t work. Happy week!

Anika Yael Natori, aka, The Josie Girl

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